Nguy�n v#259;n b#7903;i kirimarukx

1. ________ loves her; she is so sweet.

(A) all people

(B) all the people

(C) everybody

(D) nobody

2. She ________ me.

(A) doesn't sim so dep loves

(B) doesn't love

(C) isn't love

(D) isn't loves

3. I ________ old clothes sim so dep when I'm working in the garden.

(A) wear

(B) carry

(C) dress

(D) do on

4. - Tell me what your dog likes? - ________.

(A) sim gia re Biscuit and bones

(B) Big, black and hairy

(C) Like a Doberman

(D) He can run very fast

5. We usually go there once ________.

(A) the week

(B) a week

(C) all sim gia re weeks

(D) in the week

6. sim phong thuy - Have you been to Osaka? - ________.

(A) Until now not

(B) Not yet

(C) Still not

(D) Yet not

7. Don't ask me for information: I haven't got ________.

(A) one

(B) any

(C) some

(D) them

8. I know you've got a walkman, but I'm sure this one isn't ________.

(A) sim phong thuy your

(B) you

(C) your's

(D) yours

9. Professor Smith ________ his books to students.

(A) don't lend

(B) doesn't lend

(C) lending

(D) haven't lent

10. ________ is your name?

(A) which

(B) what

(C) whose

(D) why ================================================== ====

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