it seems like a very proper site. Although I think it could be more private and not give the names of the people who give them their money. I love the pictures and how they even give you a little calc. to help with pricing. The whole outcome of it is very nice the colors and how the words are written. They are bold and larger than normal fonts so it is quite nice. It is spaced out nicely and gives a lot of info on other sites that give out money. So it is a good site in the end but I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a large sum because it is not very secure by the way they give out the people’s names. They have a large amount of company’s they go through so that helps. Their statics are very amazing with such large amounts it seems like a great place but like I said it’s not very secure. It might be a good investment make money on our parts as long as you know that not everything goes planned. investing

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