Today at repeat request Im doing a review of the new Social Lead Chief 2.0 software.

So what exactly is the Lead president? Its a web-based software that allows you to run the articles, surveys, and quizzes to sources inside Facebook. After people finish one then you can give them a video or image ads and link to any URL you want (such as a link or affiliate CPA). The idea is that people are making a 'micro commitment' by completing the survey and therefore are more likely to click your call to action link.

Personally I really like the concept of this software. Anyone who has followed me for a while now know that I firmly believe that the future of Facebook marketing is during this time. Also the idea of ​​"committed acts' is a solid based on human psychology. But although I like the concept when I reviewed the first version of this software I refused it for 4 Main reason. Lets go through each of the primary reasons I refuse Lead president and see how it has changed in version 2.


1) The records with Facebook is buggy, often you log out and requires you to relog in when you place in the middle of work:

With Social Lead Chief 2.0 Review they fix this. The new record is smooth, I did not escape unless I want to get out and it seems to work fine at first. However, when making my final look in the software before writing this review, I noticed something very big. A major security flaw that also let anyone know about it really accessible accounts of any users on the system. (See the video below for a demo)

Whats important to note that this vulnerability is very basic. In fact anyone can exploit it. You do not need any technical knowledge. You do not need to hack the website or anything. Basically all you need to do is ask the system to allow you to log into the account of others and it just said .. certainly here you go, no problem.

It took me 15 seconds litterly to get full access to other user accounts. I may have been deleted or edited their writings or 'their users. Or I could have done some more subtle things. Can I change the settings of their automatic answer thus resulting from their posts go to my autoresponder. I was able to download your prospect if I want. I may have changed their call to action link to my CPA affiliate or affiliate links. I can do whatever I want because as far as the system was concerned I have given them.

So, while they fixed the error log, they fixed it with a record that is very flawed as far as security. In fact it's very flawed but anyone can easily log on to any other account on the system. Whats worse is that this is a very basic flaw, a mistake that a professional developer of any jurisdiction should not do.

2) integrated autoresponder poor, there is no option to download and optin form is not very customizable:

Im happy to say this has been corrected. While it still directly integrated with the API of 'big 4' autoresponders, it also lets you set automatic replies design your own system. This means it basically will work with just about any autoresponder out there. In addition they now allow you to customize the look and content of the form.

3) articles which are not very flexible:

In my initial testing some types of sign that is not very flexible. For example, a survey must have exactly 3 questions and each question must have exactly four answers. Unfortunately this is still a problem.

While this lack of flexibility may not bother some people. Personally I do not see any reason for it. If I want to have a survey with 20 questions, or 10, or 5? What if one of my questions only 2 reasonable answer, or if I want 4 answers? Well to bad. You can not have it with this. You must have exactly 3 questions and each question must have exact answer 4. That general when I first tested and it still is.

This is not only limited to the survey though. For example, a "vote" can only have one poll question and it must have four answers. Although to be fair the "test" all kinds are much more flexible allowing you to add the questions and answer options as you see fit. Why they chose to do "quiz" type good but make very poor people is something I do not understand.

Because there are so many different items, some of which are more flexible, this is only a minor issue and not something that totally turns me off to this product on its own.

4) When you post to your Facebook posts are branded with Lead Chief Social website URL:

This is something that has not been repaired.

Now I know for a fact that this is the 'flash' software and I know that Facebook would like to add the URLs that never flash stored. No way around that. Its like the software of its kind that I write. But I always use a URL that does not advertise unbranded software (for example I use the Click software My Video Auto) but they did not use a non-branded URL. This in effect means that every time you make a post you are advertising their services for them. Nice for them. Not so good for you.

Ok so what I think about Social Lead Manager at all?

Well first I want to give credit where credit is due. Its clear that Stefan wanted to build a good system. He is to make updates to it. In addition, he upgraded all users 1.0 2.0 Free Lead president, something that really impressed me.

But his desire to create a quality platform apparently hampered by a lack of actual technical implementation from the development team. Some types of post are not very flexible, the article has branded the software's website and there is a big security hole (at the time of writing this article, I will report the matter to them with suggestions on how to fix it if necessary).

While I will say this platform is definitely improving its still not quite at the point where I can give it my seal of approval. Close but not quite there. It still needs some more tweaking.

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