I didn't say anything for Italy vs Croatia...but on UEFA Euro predictor I said the exact same score Considering how good they were against Spain, I can't believe sim so dep how Italy played so poorly in sim so dep the second half, they should have done more to get a second goal, well done by Croatia. But I'll say this, this match sim so dep had the best female fans this tournament from what my broadcasters found

Spain 2-0 Ireland: sim so dep Casillas will be able to get his sim so dep first clean sheet and Spain will score 2 goals in the first half (through Iniesta David Silva) then have a comfortable ride for the rest of the game. I don't see how Trappatoni be able to get a sim so dep point with this Ireland side that lost to Croatia 3-1, it's not going to be any better for them vs. Spain. Spain will most likely have 65% possession and win the match through lots of passing, but this time I think Torres charging sim so dep forward will actually help Spain out a bit but he won't score, if he does though, I'll be happy for him, but overall Spain will dominate and focus on Croatia. No need to explain why Spain are better than Ireland.

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