The success of a blog is generally measured in terms of incoming traffic. Social media is all about outward traffic #8211; how many people reTweeted your Twitter post or shared your post on Facebook. Tumblr is unique in that it combines these two elements #8211; you want people to visit your Tumblr blog on a daily basis, but you also want them to share what they find there via a reblog button.

Reblogging is such an integral part of Tumblr, they#8217;ve partnered with Union Metrics to provide custom analytics for blogs on their system.

Union Metrics sim so dep for Tumblr reporting sim dep tra vinh includes:

Post and note volume to show overall engagement levels and trends over timeTop contributors and curators to help identify key influencersAnalysis of posts and tags to surface most popular postsPost engagement details, including the full sim so dep reblog sim dep tra vinh tree and interactions over time

They have a great display to examine the reblogs on an individual post.

AdWeek notes that reblogs have given several brands a huge marketing boost. Adidas saw 90,000 reblogs on a fan-made gif from one of their commercials. sim so dep 60,000 reblogs for President Obama’s Tumblr sim dep tra vinh response to Clint Eastwood’s empty-chair monologue.

The reason the reblog is so powerful is that it expands sim so dep exponentially as each sim dep tra vinh reblogger passes the idea along to his followers and so on and so on. . . (and suddenly it#8217;s a shampoo commercial).

Want to see what that looks like:

I look at that and I see X-Wing fighters. I have no idea why. Anyone with me?

This isn#8217;t even the whole chart, I cropped it for the sake of sanity. But without even diving into the actual data, sim so dep you can see the lifespan of a reblog and it#8217;s cool. It#8217;s sim dep tra vinh a true picture of what viral activity looks like on Tumblr when you get it right.

Tumblr#8217;s not for everyone. It#8217;s a good place for brands to connect with a young audience. It#8217;s perfect for fashion brands and other visual products and if you#8217;re selling humor it#8217;s the place to be seen. And now that you can get the kind of metrics a business needs to succeed, it#8217;s an even better place to promote your brand.

Union Metrics for Tumblr is in invite only mode, so if you#8217;re interested, visit their homepage and tell them so. They#8217;ll probably open the door and let you in.

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